1.7m Integrated Whirlpool Bath With Faucet And E-Drain (Left Alcove)
Color : White
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  • Innovative water flow with simulating massage experience on neck, back, lumbar, leg, foot
  • Electronic drain control with alarm automatically prevents overflow
  • Flat drain cover gives smooth surface for safely standing and moving in the bath
  • Intuitive icon gives direct access and easy control. Water temperature display and touch control ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience
  • One simple touch to flush and rinse pipes thoroughly. Remove dirties, prevent growth of bacteria and keep your whirlpool bath hygiene
  • Ergonomic design for best posture in relaxation
  • Grip rails are installed on 76448H-NWGR-0

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2D CAD Files: Plan Front Side

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Technical Information
Dimensions: L  1703 mm,  H  642 mm,  W  803 mm, 
Collection: Karess Material: Acrylic Installation: Integrated
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