Wall-Hung Intelligent Toilet
Color : White
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  • Design:
    1. Back-to-wall design
  • Cleansing:
    1. Stainless Steel 316 single wand, 24 Nozzles
    2. Front & rear wash
    3. Water Pressure adjustment
    4. Water Temperature adjustment
    5. Wand position adjustment
    6. Instant heating (inline heater)
  • Sanitation:
    1. E-Water+ UV Sanitizing
    2. Wand self-cleaning mode
    3. Anti-bacterial seat
  • Comfort:
    1. Heated seat
    2. Seat temperature adjustment
    3. Deodorization
    4. Warm air dryer
  • Control:
    1. Remote control
    2. Seat Sensor (capacitive type)
    3. Auto open and close
    4. User approaching detection sensor
  • Others:
    1. Eco mode
    2. Nightlight

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Technical Information
Dimensions: L  675 mm,  H  478 mm,  W  438 mm, 
Collection: Veil
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