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  • Bathroom Sink Faucet Configurations

    Bathroom sink faucets come in several configurations that pair with a preset number of faucet holes in the sink deck, vanity top or countertop. Be sure to select a faucet that matches the number of holes.

  • Bathroom Sink Faucet Types

    Bathroom Sink Faucet Types

    Single-Handle Bathoom Sink Faucets

    • Controls water volume and temperature with a single handle
    • Designed for sinks with a single hole
    • Suitable for sinks with three holes when used with an escutcheon plate
  • Bathroom Sink Faucet Types

    Centerset Bathroom Sink Faucets

    • The spout and handles make up one connected piece
    • Compact and space-efficient design is ideal for small spaces
    • Fits sinks with three faucet holes that measure 4” from one side to the other


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  • Bathroom Sink Faucet Types

    Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucets

    • A great addition to larger vanity areas and pedestal sinks
    • Adds a refined sense of design to the styling space
    • Requires three faucet holes that measure 8” to 16” from one side to the other
  • Bathroom Sink Faucet Types

    Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink Faucets

    • Mounts on the wall behind the sink
    • Ideal for above-counter, wall-mount and under-mount sinks
    • Helps keep the countertops clear

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  • Bathroom Sink Handle Types

    Bathroom Sink Handle Types

    Lever Handle Bathroom Sink Faucets

    Straight lever handles are the most common type of handle and a great choice for environments that accommodate people of varying abilities.

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  • Bathroom Sink Handle Types

    Cross Handle Bathroom Sink Faucets

    Handles that feature a wheel-shaped cross are typically offered on two-handle faucets. These spoked handles are particularly easy to use with wet hands. 

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  • Bathroom Sink Handle Types

    Oval Handle Bathroom Sink Faucets

    Oval shaped handles are featured on both single- and two-handle faucets. The oval handles are much like knobs and turn easily in the palm of your hand. 

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